Crochet Patterns discount

I have added a new listing on Etsy: now it is possible to buy four patterns and pay only for three 🙂

Anyone interested in a discount?

Here you can save 5$:




Elephant Trunk-Up Crochet Pattern

I have just finished my next pattern. I am very proud of this baby – it is an elephant! With its trunk up!

The idea was in my head for a long time, but I got stuck in another big project which eventually was put away in the drawer and waits for better times.



Crochet sculptures of the day

I crochet because I need this little illusion of order in the life of mess and entropy. Every time I manage to map an object – let it be giraffes or kittens – and change it into crochet algorithms I feel that I have a bit of the creator’s power over my existence.

(And then my little son comes and throw laundry out of the basket and everything becomes messy again.)

I am not yet skilled enough to make crochet-mapping of really complicated objects, but I love to watch others artists’ attempts.

So now have a look at Yulia Ustinova‘s works and don’t forget to pick your jaws up from the floor before you leave:








crochet art, crochet sculpture

Photos from Facebook via La Maison Bisoux