Kitten Door Knob Hanger

I am still working on my Flying Bear free pattern and I really don’t have time to watch the kittens all the time. Then I find them in weird places. Look where I found The BW kitten – he apparently decided to become a professional door knob hanger!

kitten knob hanger


Flying Bears teaser

I am currently working on a pattern that is suppossed to be a freebie. I have made a Flying Bears Mobile for my son some times ago so now all I have to do is to write down the pattern, take some photos, put it all together and publish!

Interested in Flying Bears Crochet Pattern? Stay tuned!

flying bears crochet pattern

Rub-My-Belly Kittens

I have just published Rub-My-Belly Kitten Amigurumi Crochet Pattern, which means that I have a house full of cute crocheted cats that I should now find and store in one place.

It takes three or four attempts for me to make a pattern – Mr Prototype (white one), made as you go, Mr Big Mistake (not shown on the picture), Mr It Begins To Look Like A Cat (beige one) and Mr Experiment (BW kitten).


Craft Room

I am about to finish my third pattern. Which makes me lazy and eager to procrastinate. So, instead of crocheting I will show you my craft room. Or, I should rather say – my craft wall:


The cabinet is made of two old library catalogues. And a lot of washi tape.


Two drawers are missing so I used the empty space for old Moleskines storage.